If you like to know more about tango and Marcelo Solis’ activities, go to News & Articles page, listen to KZSU 90.1 Stanford University Radio, Elizabeth Trajtenberg interviewing Marcelo: click here. Or you can watch this TV program: http://www.creatvsj.org/207-2/?showid=21532&channel=1

This is what people have said about working with Marcelo:

“There are many approaches to teaching Argentine tango. I believe that Marcelo Solis’s methods have taught me the essence of tango – the art of leading and following. I can go to any practice or dance party and lead a woman I’ve never danced with before.”

“The type of Tango he teaches is the Argentine one, which is not as flashy as some other versions you see around, but rather much more subtle and intuitive.”

Marcelo “is a very attentive instructor and makes corrections accordingly. He exposes you to the proper momentum, musicality and culture of Argentine Tango in effort to prepare you to thrive well at a Milonga.”

“Marcelo is an enthusiastic and dedicated Instructor; he has no hesitation in passing his experience and deep understanding of the dance onto his students, he equips his students with the tools and technique to execute Tango correctly. His warm and friendly personality can be seen through his enthusiasm, his involvement and readiness to help his students of any levels. One of his strength is to let students feel the connection and the musicality while dancing.”

I just returned from Marcelo’s bi-annual tango tour to Buenos Aires. The experience profoundly changed my life. We spent 10 days enjoying the city, taking workshops with the masters and dancing every night in the milongas. My understanding of tango is now properly rooted in the context of Argentine culture. I felt completely prepared to navigate the milonga, accept dances using the cabaceo, and dance thanks to the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.

My tango journey began when I purchased a Groupon for 4 private lessons. Marcelo Solis lives and breathes tango. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

Marcelo is a patient and encouraging teacher. I couldn’t believe 50 minutes had passed by the end of my first lesson. It was too much fun. By the third week I was completely hooked and started attending group lessons too.

I attend classes in San Jose, San Francisco, and Lafayette. Each location has its own core group of regulars. All of them are welcoming.

Tango isn’t like what you see on Dancing With the Stars. You shouldn’t expect to do the splits or crazy kicks. Those elements are fine for the stage but are dangerous on a crowded dance floor. I learned this first hand when, at a milonga, I was struck by an errant high boleo that caused a gash in my calf. Stilettos can be dangerous.

Tango music does something unexplainable to my body. It speaks to my soul. Marcelo is an outstanding mentor. He challenges me to understand the music and learn Castellano (Argentine Spanish) from the song lyrics. Understanding the lyrics provides another dimension to your dance. Marcelo will quiz me on the name of the orchestra or the singer. He shares stories about the lives of the musicians as if he were talking about dear friends. He inspires me to independently research the history of tango, Argentine culture and slang, and the music.

I continue taking private lessons with Marcelo several times a week and look forward to my next trip to Buenos Aires. He is a fireball of energy and creativity. I am lucky to now consider him a friend.”

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