Tour to Buenos Aires October 23 to November 1, 2015

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Buenos Aires at nightEscuela de Tango de Buenos Aires Tango Tour provides 9 days of intensive workshops, practicas, presentations and milongas with the best Maestros and dancers from Buenos Aires: Néstor La Vitola, Blas Catrenau and Luciana Guido, Olga Besio, Ricardo Viqueira, Carlos and Rosa Perez, Osvaldo and Coca Cartery, Alicia Pons, Osvaldo Natucci, Mónica Paz, Myriam Pincen, Ana María Schapira, Susana Miller,  Elina Roldán, Veronica Olivera, Ricardo Maceiras “El Pibe Sarandí”, Raúl Bravo, Daniel Nacuccio and Cristina Sosa, Néstor Pellicciaro, Marcelo Solís and more (subject to availability).
Packages start at only $259!!! for classes.
We can also book your hotel room in the best location, as well as your airport/hotel/airport transfers, and providing you with assistance when going to milongas, taxi dancers and more…

Dates: October 23 to November 1, 2015.
It includes:


Best milongasJOINING my tour requires a minimu payment of the 9 Best milongas’ package
Meals and beverages are NOT INCLUDED

NOTE about departing date: from San Francisco (or any city in USA) on the day before the beginning of the tour. Book your departure for Sunday on the date of the end of the tour.

ATTENTION: If you have an American passport, you need to pay the reciprocity to enter Argentina. It last for 10 years, so as a milonguera/o, you will be giving it 10 years of use coming to Buenos Aires. Here is the link: 
Anyone born in Argentina does not have to pay the fee, even when traveling with a U.S. passport. On the passport, it lists birthplace. 

For questions and payments please contact me.

Next Tour will be March 25 to April 3, 2016.

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