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City of Buenos AiresIf you can’t join my tours and you are coming to Buenos Aires by yourself, the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires can still assist you. It offers intensive workshops, practicas, presentations and milongas with some of the best instructors and dancers from Buenos Aires: Nestor La Vitola, Blas Catrenau and Luciana Guido, Jorge Kero, Olga Besio, Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba, Carlos and Rosa Perez, Osvaldo and Coca Cartery, Alicia Pons, Osvaldo Natucci, Monica Paz, Myriam Pincen, Ana Maria Schapira, Susana Miller, Paula Franciotti & Orlando Scarpelli, Nestor Pellicciaro & Yohana Ardila, Marcelo Solis and more (subject to availability). Packages start at only $100!!! for classes per day. We can also arrange your accommodation at the best hotel in the best location, as well as your airport/hotel/airport transfers, and providing you with assistance in going to milongas, hiring taxi dancers and more…

For questions and payments, please contact me.


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