Néstor La Vitola & Mónica Paz

Néstor La Vitola & Mónica Paz dancing at Cachirulo milonga, October 2007:

Néstor La Vitola

A great milonguero from Buenos Aires, who loves Pugliese’s music, and shows this love when he dances to it.

Mónica Paz

Was born and raised in Buenos Aires. Tango has been her full time profession for 20 years. She is specifically involved in Tango Milonguero style, the “Real Milonguero” with chest-to-chest connection and the style she dances each week in the milongas with the best milongueros from Buenos Aires. She feels lucky to have had that experience especially with Carlos Gavito and Pedro “Tete” Rusconi. Nowadays, some of her partners at the milonga are “Chiche” Ruberto and Néstor La Vítola, among others.
Mónica is one of the very few teachers with an academic education that focuses on tango. From years of study, discussion and dance in the milongas of Buenos Aires, Mónica learned from the old time milongueros themselves about the genuine, authentic art form that we call Tango Milonguero. By her didactics, pedagogy and vast experience as a teacher and dancer, she is recognized in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Washington DC; New York City; New Jersey (US); The Hague; Leiden and Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium); London and Bristol (United Kingdom) among others cities where she is frequently invited to offer classes, workshops and performances of tango.
Mónica has a vast teaching experience as follower and leader. She has developed a simple method of learning for both roles which helps the student acquire a solid base, functional and universal, of tango, allowing him/her to understand and incorporate the technique, and develop a personal style. Monica masters the technique of the Tango, the Milonga and the Tango Waltz within the Milonguero Style.
Since June 2010 Mónica is holding PractiMilonguero; where she teaches the Etiquette of Tango in traditional milongas of Buenos Aires. In addition, she interviews living legends of tango to share with the tango world the experiences and reflections of them.

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Marcelo Solis was born in Argentina. Through his family and the community that saw his upbringing, Marcelo has been intimately involved with Tango all his life. Marcelo has been an Argentine Tango dancer, choreographer and instructor for over 25 years. He’s love for Tango dancing and tango music, particularly from the 1930’s through the 1940’s, is undeniable when you meet him. Marcelo is a milonguero. See more at http://escuelatangoba.com/marcelosolis/about-me/

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