“Corazón de papel” by Miguel Caló y su Orquesta Típica and Roberto Arrieta in vocals (1948)

Listen to “Corazón de papel” by Miguel Caló y su Orquesta Típica and Roberto Arrieta in vocals (1948):

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Lyricist (14 July 1903 – 14 August 1981)

By Orlando del Greco

He wrote  the lyrics of the tango “Corazón de papel”, with music by Cátulo Castillo, recorded by Carlos Gardel. On this matter he stated:

“The tango ‘Corazón de papel’ was something simply accidental. I was in the house of Don Jose Gonzalez Castillo, the great man and illustrious playwright, with whose children, Cátulo and Gema, I joined a cordial friendship. It was about 1929, one Saturday, Gardel appeared and  snapped us: “Why do not you write a tango and give it to me?”

“Cátulo and I looked at each other and agreed to do it right away. I sat down and wrote the lyrics (I am not unaware that it is very poor, but the music of Cátulo saves it). The next day we gave it to Gardel who immediately recorded it.” Continue reading.

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