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It was a seminal orchestra in tango, that never performed in public, but which left for us, during its long career, the indelible memory of its perfection and quality. The first setting chosen by Carabelli, and that made its debut recording two tangos on November 9, 1925: “Olvido”, by Ángel D’Agostino, and “Sarandí” by Juan Baüer, was the following:
Bandoneons: Luis Petrucelli, Nicolás Primiani and Ciriaco Ortiz; violins: Manlio Francia, Agesilao Ferrazzano and Eugenio Romano; piano: Vicente Gorrese; and double bass: Humberto Constanzo. The composition of the orchestra changed very often, the musicians were continuously replaced, but they all were of an excellent level. So that so that some experts recognize, on certain recordings, the violin of Elvino Vardaro, for example. Read more…

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Discography: http://www.tangodj.org/otv.html

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