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Olga Besio

Master of masters

Love and passion, knowledge and experience, moulded with the art and vocation to pedagogy.

Teacher, dancer, choreographer and dance companies director, Olga Besio has nearly thirty years of prestigious tango career behind her, and all her life dancing tango. She was born in Buenos Aires, between the centre and Balvanera. She studied dance, arts and philosophy achieving four titles as teacher (teacher of arts, national teacher of paint, national professor of sculpture, national professor of native dance and Argentine folklore, with a degree in philosophy at Buenos Aires University, faculty of literature and philosophy).
She took part to a huge number of congress, festivals and national and international events, and she created the first tango open-class in Buenos Aires, completely free at the Centro Cultural General San Martìn.
Among her work, we highlight her classes, seminars and workshop about Adornment, Musicality, Technique (man, woman and couple), Composition and Teaching Methodology, as well as the creation of work methodologies oriented especially to children and adolescents training for tango. Her teachings about tango circulate around the world through video, publications by numerous foreign and Argentine media.
She dances tango since she was young, her dance training begins at five years old.
She worked as a master at the former National School of Dance. She was included in the “Who is Who in Dance” of the World Cup yearbook and in the International Council of Dance, dependent by UNESCO.
Beyond tango, she worked as a teacher of different disciplines at the art school “Manuel Belgrano”, primary, secondary and professional schools and at the Buenos Aires University faculty of philosophy.


She realised shows (sometimes as a dancer and sometimes as director) at the Teatro Colón, Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Teatros Astral, Empire, Sky Ópera, Broadway, Roma (Avellaneda), Santa María, Colonial, Salón Azul del Congreso de la Nación (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Estadio River Plate, Centros Culturales General San Martín, Recoleta, Adán Buenos Aires, she took part to a number of full-length films, movies, TV shows in Buenos Aires and around the world, and tango and dance national and international festivals: Sunderland, Sin Rumbo, Cochabamba, Confitería Ideal, Glorias Argentinas, Salón Canning…
She directed (with Gustavo Naveira) the following companies: Gustavo e Olga and her Ballet, and Senior Ballet (with dancers older than fifty).
Since 2000 she has created the company “Tango con Niños” – in which she has applied a very complex teaching methodology, being a workshop about teaching to children and adolescents. Her sons Federico and Adriana Naveira took part in this project, which has lately achieved an addendum of jazz and folklore.
Concerning Olga Besio Ballet, the majority of its participants are today prestigious professionals with a great activity in the country and outside the country, as has happened to the most part of dancer trained by Olga Besio.

AS A MASTER, she had classes in

    • Centro Cultural General San Martín. She was the first tango teacher for Buenos Aires Municipality.
    • Escuela Nacional de Danzas
    • Argentine Council for Dance
    • Social and Sport Club General Belgrano, known as “Cochabamba”.
    • International Argentine Tango Congress.
    • Pulpo’s Tango Week.
    • Festival Parque Patricios.
    • Tango School of Asociación de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino.
    • Tango Argentine School.
    • A huge number of Tango and Dance national and international festivals in Argentina and abroad where she worked as choreographer and director of the show.
    • Tango Championship and Festivals organised by Buenos Aires Government.
    • She was the juror for Provincial Tango Championship, Metropolitan, Pre-World Cup and World Cup Tango Championship.
    • She trained actors and actresses for movies and theatre shows (“Funes, un gran amor”, “Convivencia”, “Rayuela”, etc.)
    • She realised training videos, among them one about the tango adornment, and those realised with Gustavo Naveira about different aspects of tango.
    • Among her students we find celebrities such as Sally Potter and Robert Duvall.
    • She wrote many articles fot tango magazines, cultural publications, internet etc, such as “El Tango, el Baile y los Niños – La cuestión de la ‘enseñanza’”; “Adorno: una aproximación a su comprensión”; “Tango nuevo y tango tradicional: esencia, técnica y creatividad”; “Tango: Lección Nº 1 – ¿Por dónde empiezo?”; “Una historia chiquita”; etc.
    • A huge number of cultural and tango publication wrote about her in Argentina and abroad.

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