Colección Monoaural

Carlos Di Sarli - Colección MonoauralThe Colección Monoaural features music, in chronological order, recorded by a single main performer, such as Juan D’Arienzo or Carlos Di Sarli.

The tracks are direct transfers from original records, usually 78RPM, to CD, without any additional audio processing. The transfer was performed by qualified audio engineers who avoided modifying or ‘fixing’ the material in any way.
Thus, listening to these CDs should provide an experience identical to that of listening to the records themselves, played in a quality gramophone. Old 78 RPM records have noise and audio ‘peculiarities’. Therefore so do the tracks of the Colección Monoaural. No ‘clean’ or ‘modern’ sound of old recordings should be expected.

Juan D'Arienzo - Colección MonoauralThe idea of producing this collection is to make the original material widely available to all interested listeners and collectors. Among other things, Colección Monoaural can be used to compare the sound of a commercial re-issue of a song with the original, or help to identify a particular recording of a song, which the performer may have recorded several times. Commercial labels usually don’t include the recording dates. If they do, it may be inaccurate. Colección Monoaural includes researched recording dates and matrix numbers. Furthermore, the sets in Colección Monoaural sets cover material without repeating songs across CDs. Contrast this with commercial CDs, where in order to get 60 consecutive songs you need to purchase 10 or more CDs, because of the multiple repetitions. Colección Monoaural covers this material in just 3 CDs.

La Milonguita Music is proud to bring these jewels of Tango music to you for the first time in United States.

Available collections:

  • Juan D'Arienzo - Colección MonoauralJuan D’Arienzo – ‘Golden Age’, 25 volumes, 1935-1957.
  • Carlos Di Sarli – ‘Complete Works’, 20 volumes, 1928-1960.
  • Juan Maglio “Pacho” – ‘Serie Guardia Vieja’,  8 volumes, 1926 – 1932.

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